"He's our future; he's our present"...

...Denver Broncos coach Mike Shanahan said of his newly appointed starting quarterback, rookie Jay Cutler.

Classy, Shanahan. Very classy.

Update: Sunday has passed ... "nanner nanner."


Mike Shanahan (AKA "The Genius") has decided to start the Broncos' second-string quarterback over Jake Plummer this weekend. So much brilliance I cannot describe. This will truly solve all his problems -- even his defensive ones! How? I have no earthly idea ... but The Genius must. Why else would he choose a rookie over a veteran this late in the season? Bravo, Shanahan. I now have the rare opportunity to root against Denver this weekend. So thank you at the very least for broadening my sports fan horizons.

And to Jake, a (GASP!) less-than-perfect quarterback -- I'm sorry, man, that you're the fall guy for all the problems on your team. We'll always root for you, friend, whether you're playing or not.

What this day is all about...

"The Pilgrims made seven times more graves than huts. No Americans have been more impoverished than these who, nevertheless, set aside a day of thanksgiving."
~ H.U. Westermayer

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

More proof that the N-word must go

Michael Richards' entertainment career is over after video surfaced of him shouting racial slurs at hecklers during a stand-up performance in a comedy club. Last night he appeared on David Letterman's show to apologize for his outrageous actions.

As part of his apology, Richards talked about a rage that took over as he confronted the rude audience members. What could have been handled professionally and even humorously turned shockingly ugly -- a far cry from the lovable Kramer we're accustomed to.

I couldn't help but think of Mel Gibson, as well, who had to say he was exceedingly sorry for anti-semitic remarks he made while drunk.

It was stupid, irresponsible and hateful of these men to speak those words. There is no excuse, only apology.

Yet I wonder how often these hateful slurs would surface if they weren't in our collective American vernacular? Gibson at least can say he was drunk -- who among drinkers has not said something outrageous while inebriated? Richards has no "defense" at all, really. He got angry and said awful things because he wouldn't control himself.

I'm thinking of a conversation Oprah had with rapper Ludacris when he was on her show to promote the movie "Crash." Oprah is not much of a rap fan, for those who don't know. She finds the "N-word" highly offensive, and rightly so. Artists such as Ludacris defend their use of racial slurs because as black people, they're "owning" the terms -- loosely related to the logic of "laugh at yourself before others laugh at you." Only instead of "laugh," it's "label."

At a "multicultural education" night in college, one man tried a different approach to help us non-minorities understand: Among my family, I may call my sister words like "idiot" or "moron." But if Suzy Chapstick from the down the street yells at my sister and calls her a "moron," I jump to my sister's defense and want to kick Suzy's butt.

OK, I get that. But ideally, shouldn't I just stop calling my sister a "moron"? If the N-word is damaging for a white comedian to say, it should be damaging for ANYONE to say. It's an ugly word with years of hatred and brutality tied to it.

As long as the N-word is being bandied about in our consciousness, it can push itself to the forefront of our thoughts at any given moment -- all the more in moments of blind rage or a drunken stupor.


The big day

Thursday is Thanksgiving. More importantly, it's the first Thanksgiving for which I'll play hostess. And I am floored.

I really enjoy entertaining, and try to do it often in spite of our apartment living situation. Is it big enough for eight people at once? Technically, yes. Will four of us invariably be in the kitchen at the same time and bump into one another's bums, which may lead to frustration? Without a doubt, yes. But still I couldn't be happier. I actually think close quarters are best -- when family is involved, I like when the room gets almost uncomfortably warm and five different conversations are going on at once within earshot. It's melodic chaos to me.

For those of you keeping tabs, this also means I'll be attempting my first turkey. It's a rite of passage of sorts for lady-folk, as my husband keenly noted -- "like when guys start scratching themselves." The heart of a poet, that one :)

So, what are y'all doing for Thanksgiving?

True lies

I'm sorry, but doesn't it detract just a little bit from your mission of reality when you cheat at accomplishing it?
Exhibit A
Exhibit B
Exhibit C

Dumb jocks?

As explained in this article, a soccer team in North Carolina has been suspended for playing a Nazi propaganda speech over the loud speakers before a game (they had thought it was Hitler when they picked it). Apparently the teammates liked the "on to victory" phrase in the speech.

Hmmmmm. What's just as puzzling as these kids not foreseeing the negative consequences of their actions is the idea that Nazis were somehow a picture of victory for them.

What DO they teach the kids these days?


This is Miss W, one of my oldest and dearest friends. She is new to the blogosphere and, if her first post is any indication, will provide a unique flavor. Please stop by: Denelian

Constant comfort

What a bunch of pansies modernity has made of us.

If it's cold outside, we're accustomed to being warm no matter which interior we end up in. Heaven forbid there be some houses or offices that are cooler than others. It's one thing to feel cold and point it out. It's another to repeat the sentiment every three or so minutes.

Hello? Conditions are not always optimum. Deal with it! (And yes, I'm talking myself as well.) Will you be warm again? Before you die? If yes, then zip it.