Sick and tired

Yep, that's about the size the of it! Sorry this isn't a more thrilling post, but I figured I owe an explanation to the one or two faithful readers of this blog :)

I'm feeling a bit on the zombie side at work today, but I will say Christmas was nice this year. The mister and I traveled to be with his side of the family for the holiday. It was nice, busy and full of family. Then we came back to spend a second Christmas (like second breakfast?) with my side of the fam. There truly is no place like home, and there's nothing quite like your own flesh and blood. As ever, Superman and I felt completely spoiled -- materially and relationally. Sometimes the blessings overwhelm, don't they?

Anyway, I will be a normal blogger again soon. Happy New Year to all!

Giving "Joys" everywhere a bad name

I just read about this latest Joy Behar offense, and I'm not even sure it's the most offensive thing she said on that show this week! I'm not normally a "View" viewer, but I had a sick day yesterday and was surfing through the channels. I stopped just along enough to hear Behar relay how she feels when she does talk radio and a caller claims to be a fan, only to lay into Behar with criticism seconds later. Now, Behar declared, she knows how date rape victims feel. "WOW" is not a potent enough word.

You're not funny, Behar. Every once in awhile you stumble into a good punchline or sarcastic zinger. But more often than not, your obnoxiousness crosses the line from edgy into sublimely offensive. Please mind your tongue -- and live up to your name once in awhile.

Forever young

I had a conversation with my brother recently about the age he actually associates with each of his little sisters (a bit younger than reality, obviously). This reminded me of a strange phenomenon -- people I am younger than will always look older to me, even in their high school photos. Isn't that strange? I always feel younger than they appear at ages I passed up years ago. How many of you can relate?

Persecution complex

One of my sistas from the girlfriday clan has given me the above label ... along with pear-shaped, but that's another story :) I of course laughed it off the first time she mentioned it. Me? Have a complex? Never! I'm SO well-balanced. Then I got to thinking: Can it really qualify as a complex if it's not just all in your head?

Before you go thinking, "here comes some 'woe is me' crap," let me assure I'm not a bitter person (though family members have affectionately called me "sensitive" on a number of occasions). I feel immensely blessed in my life, far beyond what I deserve. I haven't earned any of the greatest gifts of my life; I know that. But trivially (that means not life-or-death) lame things do seem to happen in my general direction. "Yes, Lois, life isn't fair." I know, I know. Yet isn't it possible that just like some sort of scientific phenomena, certain people get slighted more than others? Life's not fair, but it's also not a prefect and equally distributed world.

I could dredge up any number of examples of being snubbed or overlooked -- an Exhibit A, Exhibit B sort of thing. But then I'd just get accused of bitterness. To the contrary! I remember loads of wonderful, encouraging moments as well. Can you really call someone "bitter" because they have an extraordinary memory? (Thanks for the genes, fam). Let me reiterate: I don't think I have it worse off than anyone else in this world. I have it better than most! I'm just saying that when it comes to social and relational interaction, some people's lives are a little more charmed. Is that so hard to believe?

And yes, I know Denelian is shaking her head and snickering as she read this. Stop laughing! Why is everyone always laughing at me ...

Welcome to our world

"There he is!" "Do you have your camera?" "Quick ... follow him."

No, not a rock star sighting. Though not far off for our little corner of the world.

He is so precious ... I couldn't be more thrilled to be part of his first day. And instantaneously he has dozens of fans. I love you, little one!

your auntie/groupie