Funny bone

You know how every once in awhile, something little will strike you as funny and you can't help but grin? Here's a couple from the last week or so.

Labeling babies' and toddlers' clothing by months makes sense...most of the time. At the store last week I happened on a "baby's first Christmas" jumper. The size was 24 months. Hmmmmm. Riddle me that!

Then the other night, as our heater came on for the bajillionth time this winter, I was finally able to identify the sound it initially makes. The loud popping/puffing sound (which prompts my brother to ask "Is that the Lord"?) is none other than a flame spurt warning from the Fire Swamp.

Premature parting

I've only seen a couple of Heath Ledger's films, so I wouldn't call myself a fan. But back in the day, I fell in love with "10 Things I Hate About You," like a lot of young people. Did you ever see it? Pretty good teen fare. At any rate, Heath was great in it just as he was in many movies, I suspect.

Good cop, bad cop...or vice-versa ran this photo on their politics blog today under the headline, "Clintons play 'good cop/bad cop' on campaign trail." It just struck me funny, and pretty perfectly captures the powerhouse tag-team's antics of late. Will it work? I guess we'll see...

Making a dent for good

If you need to search the Internet, search here

If you need a bottle of water, buy this one

If you like playing word games, here's a challenge for ya

If you need a new wardrobe, try this on for size

Fortunately, in this day and age, one needn't look far for ways kill two birds with one stone -- it is easier and easier for us to make a difference while we provide for our daily needs and desires. I've given just four examples, but there are countless others.
So what's your favorite way to do good without really even trying? Do tell!

Don't lift a finger

Since I've been married, I have really gotten into NFL football. For the first time in my life I truly enjoy watching games in their entirety. Naturally, my husband sees this as a big plus -- he can watch as many as three games on a Sunday and I won't protest a bit because it's just as much fun for me. I actually owe the enjoyment to him in the first place because he patiently waded through throngs of pesky (and often repetitive) questions over the past couple years, and thanks to him I understand the game.

There inevitably comes a point in every game, however, where he must wish I was off loll-y-gagging like in the old days. It happens toward the end of said game, usually when a timeout is called. Water boys/men trudge out with their bottles and proceed to pour water down players' throats as I recite my version of the verbal exchange...

Player: (huff & puff) "I'm so tired. Can you just lift the bottle up to my face?"
Water boy: "OK, little guy, open your mouth."
Player: "Ya, can you squeeze the bottle for me so the water goes right in?"
Water boy: "Sure thing."
Player: "That's it. Oh, are you a life saver! If I have to lift my arm in a drinking motion one more time..."

Really? 300-pound men are falling on your body while you grab at their jerseys with all your might, but drinking out of a water bottle -- that's just too much? Well, then, it's sure a good thing your career doesn't depend on being strong and agile.

avoider, bum, deadbeat, goldbrick, goof-off, idler, loafer, quitter, slouch

According to an online thesaurus, these are synonyms for "slacker." No word yet on why "Lois E. Lane" did not appear on the list. My sincerest apologies as once again my true colors (those of a wannabe blogger) show plainly.

I will return soon!

In the meantime, here is a pretty picture to fill space. Ahhh, Scotland the Brave.
Blessings on your weekend!