You know you've made it when...'re asked to judge a Dutch oven cook-off. It was a rough job, but someone had to do it :) I've never cooked anything in a Dutch oven, nor to my knowledge had a meal from one. But last night I got to sample more than 20 delectable dishes, from cinnamon rolls to pork crown roast to five-alarm chili.

Aside from being the type of people you'd want to have camping with you (for obvious reasons), the chefs seemed a very personable, down-home crowd you might expect. It's amazing what you can do with cast-iron and hot coals (check out some of these impressive recipes —

The people were great, the food was delicious, and I didn't have to make my own dinner.

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Everyday Anne said...

Oh yes, the proverbial cook off. Perhaps some of these recipes deserve a try? Maybe you can give us some pointers on which were the best.
Glad to hear you made it out alive and well fed.
I'm jealous, actually, and maybe someday I can be a celeb like you. If only....