Why I love neighborhoods

While on a walk through our suburban neighborhood, I passed small clusters of children playing together outside (yes, kids still do that).

1. Two 10-ish-aged boys with a garden hose, dousing another boy and girl by the gutter. "You are NOT going to get me wet!" says the girl jump-roping with an escape route in every direction. Five seconds later: "Oh ... you did."

2. Three 12-year-old-looking boys shooting hoops from the road (for distance purposes, I assume). "There's a lady coming, get off the sidewalk." I like that he said "lady."

3. Two boys, age 10 or so, in the middle of the road, taking turns kicking a football into the air. "...Not even my dad can kick that far." "Do you think that one was 10 feet?" "Ten feet is nothing; watch this!"

4. This one just made me sad: A girl who looked to be about 9 was playing tether ball by herself. Just after I passed, I heard her dejectedly say to herself, "I suck."

5. Walking back upstairs to our apartment, I see one of our neighbor boys zooming around the sidewalk on a scooter, showing off a bit for the girl standing by. Five minutes later, my husband returns from the gym and meets me in the living room. "There's a kid down there with a bloodied-up knee and some girl is helping him put Neosporin on." Ah, to be young again.


Ibid said...

I miss seeing this. Sometimes walking through the edge of Grad student housing I catch a glipse of little boys playing together and I get the feeling that I really should stop and hang out for awhile. Of course I never do; that would be creepy.

Are you going to be around Boise the 17th and 18th? I'm tentatively planning on coming down for State track stuff; my bros should be running.

Everyday Anne said...

Great pictures painted, Lois. Loved every one of them.

Ibid.... I'll be around too :) It would be lovely to see ya!