Pick a lock using only a bobby pin: Check

You can call me MacGyver. Or at least that's what I told my mother in law last week.

We were on our fifth day of vacation when someone inadvertently locked her bedroom door shutting everyone out. I sprung into action as I heard the stress in her voice; I had to act quickly. Wielding only a straightened-out bobby pin, I fiddled with the tiny hole in the knob -- pretending more than knowing what to do.

But in the end, it opened. Yes; brownie points for at least 24 hours.

I must admit I felt strangely accomplished at the end. True, it didn't take much skill -- just patience and the ability to gingerly wiggle a tiny piece of metal. But I felt empowered, as if I had just checked off something big on life's little "before you die..." list. Next up: Get backstage at a rock concert using only confidence, a clipboard and a pen.

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girlfriday said...

I've always wondered how this might be done. I have some old skeleton key locks in my aparment and I can see how those could be cajoled into opening with the use of a bobby pin. But I would have thought a newer, more sophisticated lock wouldn't respond.