I am really interested in this book. It's called "Female Chauvinist Pigs: Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture," and the title alone should spark some curiosity.

I saw an interview with the author, Ariel Levy, on "The Colbert Report" and was intrigued. It seems she has been able to intelligently articulate the very thing I rant about at least once a week: Women objectifying themselves with the justification of "owning their sexuality," while unwittingly giving any ounce of power to the men around them. Most interesting to me in Levy's interview were her observations of young women at "Girls Gone Wild" tapings, who effect stripper moves for their male audience. Levy said there's something seriously wrong when women emulate women who are only stimulating pleasure. Authenticity is no longer achieved.

Wow. Awesome statement. I hope that many women -- from "Girls Gone Wild" to "The Girls Next Door" -- will take a look at what this book is getting at.

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