For Helen

We all have enemies in this life, Lord willing.

If you are a man or woman of principle, you will encounter opposition if you stick to your guns. In the 11 days since Helen Chenoweth-Hage's passing, many words of remembrance have been uttered -- many drenched with love and some dripping with hate. The latter came from people who never met the lady. Anyone who had the pleasure would choose their words carefully and graciously. Of course it's sad that so many did not encounter her, and thus twist their political disagreements into personal ambushes. But for the last 11 days, and for the rest of my life, their words fall away like water off a duck's back -- they're empty and obsolete. Helen's best qualities are the ones that will be remembered. Her faith, grace, genuineness, class and strength are indelible.

I didn't write the following; I heard it on a television show. But I love it. For Helen...

I stand on a mountaintop
As the great bird approaches,
She is small in my sight
but grows larger on approach
Until I am blessed with the full sight
with her graceful wing...
all too quickly she grows small again
on the horizon,
and disappears from view,
and I cry out "there, she's gone"
but there are other mountaintops beyond me,
and at the precise moment when I note the
great bird's departure from my view,
I know there are new eyes,
taking up the sight of her,
and fresh voices calling out "here she comes"

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girlfriday said...

This is really good. I love that picture too. In black and white everything is so striking. And symbolic.