Forever young

I had a conversation with my brother recently about the age he actually associates with each of his little sisters (a bit younger than reality, obviously). This reminded me of a strange phenomenon -- people I am younger than will always look older to me, even in their high school photos. Isn't that strange? I always feel younger than they appear at ages I passed up years ago. How many of you can relate?


Square said...

I forget I'm in my thirties and think that I appear younger than I am. And often stop myself from eulogising or criticising an issue for fear the person I am speaking to may think me some young upstart, when actually I'm older than they are. This is a sad state of affairs but true. Perhaps it's a form of age dysmorphic disorder.

p.s. I like your blog :)

Queenheroical said...

Being that I am 4 years older than my husband, and he befriends younger friends (I don't know why) I am often in the company of younger couples. This has one of two effects: a) I feel like the crone with four kids, two degrees and one foot in a grave or b)perpetually surprised that these people were in diapers when I graduated high school (they don't even know about the 80's) so sad.

But really, my age and my brain are at odds and I don't expect much change in that. My 93 year old Grandmother stands up as the test of that, she is as lucid and aware as ever but the shock of white hair and the bleary eyes betray her age.

"Molly McGee" said...

I totally relate, Lois. Our brother will always be a senior in high school to me, and if I were ever to go through his senior year book again (to pick out the cutest guy/girl on each page, just like we did when we were kids) , I would still feel like those people in the picture are older than me even in that photo. I will always be a 9-year-old looking those pictues, so those seniors in high school will always be older than me.