The new and unimproved Blogger

It is lame to blog about Blogger ... and shouldn't it mess with the space-time continuum or something? ANYWHO, I made the mistake of getting sucked into the new drag-and-drop template design. It sounded fun in theory, but in practice it has mucho problemo.

I have lost all my "people to see" links. Yes, Blogger handily assured me that my previous template and its information would be saved in case info was lost in the transition -- they just neglected to tell me where. So I worked up the energy to re-find and re-post my precious links, only to find I CAN'T. The "add link" button in my design phase will not work. Goody!

Despite my new hand-picked font and prettiershades of green, I am unsatisfied with this new ability to "drag and drop." For an under-experienced computer person who gets frustrated easily, it's simply not worth it.

That being said, Happy Friday everyone!


SerineKat said...

I noticed you were up to no good with your site lately. Oh well, it's happened to us all. You get what you do or don't pay for. I too am dealing with a template issue with my site. Probably need to take an HTML class or something to get exactly what I want.

Queenheroical said...

Well ... for what it is worth ... I like the green, sorry to read about your blogger blues.