No substitute for substance

Opinions -- we each have a million. There's nothing wrong with them. But I get a little suspicious when they're fired off in rapid succession. Strong opinions are no substitute for true substance.

Sometimes I wonder if people rattle off their likes and likes to prove they are interesting. Opinionated and interesting are not synonymous, however. There's much more to being a fascinating, cultured individual than being able to verbalize what turns you on and off.

You think "Gone With the Wind" is overrated? OK, that's all well and good. I'd rather know how old you were when you first saw the film. You say swing music is better than blues. But what role has music played in your life?

The other danger in being obsessed with opinions is that it can predispose you to accepting or rejecting something new all too easily. If you "hate" Toyotas, you might not test drive a potentially great car for you. If you "love" any movie Matt Damon is in, you might soon find yourself bending over backward to defend a decidedly terrible movie.

Like I said -- there's nothing wrong with having opinions. Many of them are legitimately earned. Just don't use them to kill time because you don't know how to talk about the world objectively and intelligently.


SerineKat said...

For the LAST TIME, I HATE Kate Beckinsale because she can't act. She has a blank look that Paris Hilton now copies and Kate creates a void within the atmosphere whenever she enters a room. It's fact. Just leave it alone Lois.

Posh Mama said...

I agree Lois, its always good to have a reason as to why you hold that opinion. And to revisit the reason behind your opinion occasionally! I used to dislike Reese Witherspoon based on one movie I saw. But after seeing others and reading an interview with her, I have new respect for her and have changed my opinion. Not that I will always like her movies, but sometimes its the directing and the script that stink, not necessarily the actress! I will however, ALWAYS hate pickles, based on recent taste tests! Hated them when I was little tried them again, and still hate them! GREAT POST!