Baby nickname round-up

Here's how "the fam" lovingly refers to my in-utero* bundle, whose sex we do not know...

• Marmee/AKA Grandma: Ingrid or Grace Kelly (depending on the day)
• Aunt Molly McGee: Pagoda
• Uncle K: Colossus Reighton
• Daddy Superman: Sweet Pea
• Mama Lois: Little Bean

Any others I'm missing, fam?

*Thanks, Molly, for the gentle nudge that I'd used the phrase "in-vitro" instead of "in-utero." Chalk it up to Mommy Brains! And Girlfriday, Chipper makes a fine addition to the pot of nicknames :)


"Molly McGee" said...

Can't wait to meet the little Pagoda! Do you think he or she will hate me because I called him or her this in utero. Oh well. I will always be Wyatt's favorite aunt. And I really think your firstborn should pick JEB to be their favorite aunt seeing as they will be making her one for the first time. Yay!

girlfriday said...

How could we top these? They're awesome!

Chipper is probably what we call him/her, thanks to brother and sister in law.