Crossing the line

I've recently started to bemoan the state of comedy "satire" on television (see my post at girlfriday), in that it's rapidly downgraded itself from smart-as-a-whip, even-handed observationism to poorly-disguised liberal activism. I don't care if people are liberal or conservative when I watch them on TV. But seriously, folks? "SNL," "The Daily Show" and "The Colbert Report" just aren't that funny any more.

Beyond TV comics is an even more irritating and sometimes infuriating trend -- that of Hollywood celebrities dispensing anti-Bush venom like verbal diarrhea. Did you watch the Emmys a couple weeks back? WAY too political, people. We, the viewing public, tune in to see who's winning which award, not to hear for the bazillionth time that (insert name of female celebrity) has no respect for the current administration and (insert name of male celebrity) thinks Bush is a buffoon. We get it -- really.

People having and expressing opinions doesn't bother me. Afterall, it's their right in this country to do just that! But the Hollywood "intellectual elite" (I mean, they must be intellectually elite if they're voting for Obama) is walking up to the line of common decency and taking one giant step over it.

Guess who pays to watch your movies? Guess whose viewership boosts your TV ratings? Ours. And guess who the majority of "us" voted for in the last election? Yep -- George W. Bush. So when you stand on stage spouting your vendetta-like disapproval of our country's leaders, you're forgetting this isn't a dictatorship (as much as you'd like to liken it to one). The US of A elects its officials -- by and for the people.

So thank you, Hollywood elite, for the constant barrage of insults. Not only are you richer and better-looking than us regular folk, you're clearly smarter. And you aren't about to let us forget it.


JEB said...

Amen, Sister!

Everyday Anne said...

Nicely put.

Anonymous said...

And yet, you'll continue to support those elected officials that demonstrably follow the same politics and ideology that has brought this country to its knees?

It shouldn’t be funny if the “intellectual elite” have to continue to barrage you with insults to make a point. It is rich you think that calling a spade a spade is crossing the line of decency but not misinforming the public if not outright lying to them by an administration. Considering what has gone on in the last eight years by the “hey he’s one of us” leadership and you remain in denial you deserve the derision.

Lois E. Lane said...

Wow, Jason, forget about reading between the lines -- you outright skipped a bunch of 'em! I'm not claiming to be a Bush supporter nor a conservative republican in this post. I'm just commenting on how these political jabs by ENTERTAINERS make me want to yawn...and vomit. It's enough already. Shut up and take your awards, celebrities. Thank your mom, your producer, your lawyer, your agent. Just stop quit the soapbox shenanigans that your viewing public couldn't care less about. That's my only point, Jason, but thanks for all the extra thought ;)

Lois E. Lane said...

P.S. The "we" and "us" in the post were meant as general references to the viewing/voting public, the majority of whom elect our president every four years.