News of note

Here is a conglomeration of headlines and tidbits I think are interesting from the last week or so.

First is up is this research, which concluded that people who look happy in their senior yearbook pictures are more likely to be happily married. I hope it's not true in our case, because I would be waking up blissfully happy every morning next to a love-starved, Mr. Grinch wannabe.

In case I was a fan of Janeanne Garofolo before, I'm not now, thanks to this tirade. And Jackie Chan isn't winning any points with me either!

I also thought it was interesting how Miss California got raked across the coals for (gasp) answering a question. One more reason I'll never go to Perez Hilton's Web site. But I thought this commentary articulated the real issue here.

And finally, I'm glad to see Jake Plummer is picking up the pigskin again. I love that he's doing it because he wants to and not because he couldn't stay away -- he doesn't even miss the NFL. Good luck, Jake the Snake!

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SerineKat said...

The pink on your website scares me. As for the whole Miss USA/Hilton thing you're right - she answered the question HONESTLY. I don't agree with her but I don't think you should tear her apart in the media either. Perez is a gay man so her response to him an attack on his rights. He's reacted as most have in a knee jerk emotional manner. Again, it's an emotional topic that will never be resolved in an emotional manner. And for the record Perez's site ROCKS but I'm sure you'd hate it anyhow. ;-)