Baby blues

My dear son,

Exactly one year ago, we met for the first time and couldn't take our eyes off each other.

Exactly one year ago, we were both puffy and tired and looked like we'd been through a war.

Exactly one year ago tonight, I already knew your cry from any other baby's in the world.

Exactly one year ago this minute, you were born and my life changed the instant I stared into those sweet baby blues.

I love you, sweet boy! If only I had the eloquence to describe exactly how you've made my world 100% brighter and more meaningful in a short 365 days. Words just won't do. So I will have to resign myself to hugging and kissing you every day for the rest of my life.


swmnbn said...
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swmnbn said...

Night before last I watched, "Mr. Holland's Opus," (again), and as I read your sweet and loving words to your precious little son, all I could think of was, "Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful boy."

God's blessings to your beautiful birthday boy.

Everyday Anne said...

Love those baby blues... and your sentiment.

"Molly McGee" said...

Should not have read this at work. Sniff, sniff.

girlfriday said...

You changed us when he changed you. Hurray for a happy, healthy, blessed year.