The comeback

It's been one week since I last posted, but I had good excuses —— the aftermath of my dog's death, my little sister visiting, my grandparents' 60th anniversary and MY first wedding anniversary. Busy week, But I'm back.

And I have to say it feels good to proclaim, "I've been married for more than a year." And I've got a good man to boot! Our first year of marriage was definitelyy full of peaks and valleys, but we're stronger and it's nice to feel more comfortable every day.

Anyway ... so my random musing today is America's two-faced opinion of success. It always struck me funny that self-proclaimed "hard-core" music fans would abandon one of their favorite bands when it made the big time, labeling the members "sell-outs." Why? Because more people like them now so they're famous? Isn't that what anyone who does a good job at their art wants and, in some cases, deserves? Curious. And Capitalism teaches us to reach for the stars, expand your franchise and make more $$$. But then we the consumers all look at one another saying, "oh, I don't want to support a chain when I buy that DVD ... let's go to Uncle's Jim's Video Shack down the street because it's local."

I realize there are reasons for the opinions listed above. I just find it curious that WE would want to be the ones rocking out in front of thousands of fans or opening up coffee shops in a neighboring state; just don't call US sell-outs or chains when we do.


girlfriday said...

Why can't everyone be as smart as you?

Everyday Anne said...

Well said Lois. I agree w/ girlfriday. Smarty pants.