In memoriam

Yesterday was a sad day for the fam. Our beloved dog of 15 years, Ariel, finally passed.

It was harder than I thought it would be to say goodbye. We had her put down around 6 p.m. because she could no longer stand and wouldn't accept water. Afterward, my mom, my big sis, my brother and I took her out to a friend's farm and buried her. Before we did, we looked at her one last time, curled up and peaceful. I've always thought one of the eeriest and most frustrating parts about death (in man or beast) is that they all look like they're sleeping, like we should be able to rouse them.

But it's OK because it was Ariel's time. She was 150 years old, after all :) And what a great dog she was. You should check out girlfriday's blog (see right link) for a lovely "eulogy" of sorts. I don't think I can say anything better than what she or ihearttexas already did.

Girlfriday is right to assume that in C.S. Lewis' land of Narnia, Ariel certainly would have been a talking beast. She had amazing, knowing eyes that seemed as emotional and expressive as some humans I've encountered. Ariel was smart, friendly and always loyal. Whether spending my "recess" time with her as a homeschooled youngster, or just arriving on breaks from college, Ariel's face was a must-see in our corner of the world.

Losing a dog is nothing like losing a family member or friend, and I won't claim otherwise. But for those who say, "it's just a dog," I have one thought to share: You didn't know Ariel.

Enjoy heaven, our little lioness of God! We miss you already.


Ibid said...

Sorry, honey. There's this rottie puppy out here I've been watching and she has a way of making you feel responsible. The way of the dog with men.

girlfriday said...

I love hearing each family member's particular memories. I didn't even think about the time you would have spent with her while you were at home.