Happy Super Fat Bionic Tuesday!

Well when you say it like that, it sounds like some sort of superfluous event translated crudely from another language, when it's actually about three separate things.

"Super" because some folks whose votes really count get to cast their primary ballots today. I am not among them.

"Fat" because it's the day before Ash Wednesday...but I guess if you're overweight, pretty much every Tuesday is fat.

"Bionic" because today my mother is getting her second knee replaced. She, if anyone, deserves a nonfictional "Bionic Woman" title. The metal and screws in her lower limbs could set off a metal detector 3 miles away. We love you, Mom! Good luck :)

Is anyone else feeling uninspired or just plain tired in this pre-general election election? Months ago I hungrily followed it like the NFL season. Now I find myself knowing far more about tactics and polls than I do about candidates' actual positions. That's like knowing what sort of padding or sock color a football player likes best, but not knowing how he plays the game. Type "voter guide" into a search engine and see the mess that comes up.

And I have no clue who I'd vote for at this point.

On this fine, Super Fat Bionic Tuesday, I also find myself looking forward to Thursday night, when again I can join my friends on "LOST" Island. I can't believe there are only eight to watch, but I'm trying to see the silver lining and think of it as at least a great way to curb my football season withdrawals.


Anonymous said...

bionic huh?

i know of the superhumanness your mother also lives in... i have 3 plates and 16 screws in my body.

a super fat bionic shout out to football and snowboarding!!!

Posh Mama said...

My dad has a bionic leg as well! He had part of his bone removed due to a cancerous tumor, and they replaced it with titanium!
Thanks for stopping by, I can't wait to see your list!