Tag -- I'm it

Posh Mama tagged me to write six random things about myself, so here we go...
1. If I could get paid to study Biblical apologetics, I would do it.

2. I majored in journalism and minored in political science.

3. From the moment we started dating, I had no doubt Superman and I would marry.

4. People who can't carry on a proper conversation tend to drive me crazy.

5. Almost any footage of someone tripping or falling over cracks me up.

6. I love that I have lots of Scottish and Irish blood running through my veins.


Missy said...

You forgot #7:
I am the queen of brevity.


girlfriday said...


I think everyone in our family would go to seminary if they could.

And if it's not Scottish, it's CRRRRAP.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Ooh, you should write about the election!