My son is 4 weeks old now. My how the time flies. But we've earned every minute of it, mind you, with all the sleeplessness and adoration that young parenthood should comprise. Since day one, I have found myself overwhelmed with emotionally charged thoughts:

How do I take in his whole bodily appearance so that I can keep up with the changes?

What will I do with myself when he no longer welcomes my motherly kisses?

Will I ever sleep soundly again knowing he's alive and vulnerable in a dangerous world?

How on earth am I doing to handle how quickly time goes by? I already miss him.

Is there any way to prevent him from ever hurting himself? Surely there must be.

Yet in the midst of these deeply emotional questions we grapple with, thank the Lord for the thoughts that keep us sane -- like the promise of wearing zippered pants again.


elphaba said...

Great post!
All of those examples of the worries that being a parent brings reminds me of why I like how God uses so many parent/child analogies in the Bible.
A) We are able to recognize the risk he took giving us free will so that we could truly love him. Risking that we might choose, collectively, and individually to not love Him and hoping that we will enter into a relationship with Him.
B) So that we can begin to understand the way He feels for us.
Oh, and the hope of vodka and horseback riding. :)

JEB said...

Vodka and horseback riding? Is that in Ephesians? Or Matthew?

Anonymous said...

a way in which to prevent you child from ever being hurt!

sounds like all is well for you, superman and "the kid"... good to hear.

I'm fitting in to my j.o.b. here at and i have something for you to check out... more on my blog later tonite

Everyday Anne said...

Maybe you can find out the answers before I have kids and then give me oodles of advice.

"Molly McGee" said...

"Will I ever sleep soundly again knowing he's alive and vulnerable in a dangerous world?"

I don't sleep soundly as a babysitter. I'm pretty sure I'd become an insomniac as a mother.

elphaba said...

At least you know that you don't have to fritter away the night time hours, Molly. You can always take up chimney sweeping.

"Molly McGee" said...

I'm such a multi-tasker!