"We love Him because He first loved us"

That scripture has never been as real to me as it is now as a parent. My son ("Special K") does not yet love me, at least on a working level. But he needs me. I provide comfort and sustenance. I will always pick him up when he cries, feed him when he's hungry and tell him how special he is, even though he can't comprehend my words. One day, when he is able, he will at last know what it means to love me.

And so it is with God. Before we really know Him, how can we have any grasp at all of what He feels toward us? We take and take and take. And yet, like the unconditional love of a parent, He never stops giving. He carries us when we cry, feeds us when we're hungry and tells us how special we are, even though we can't comprehend His words. Until one day we are able to love Him back.

We cannot possibly think this is an "all things being equal" kind of relationship. He loves us because He's our father. Period. We are tiny, helpless children until we know Him. Then, and only then, do we love Him...because He first loved us.


girlfriday said...

You're so right. I love this. Thanks sisto.

SerineKat said...

Well, this might apply to parent child relationships but what about me and stupid cat? I give and give, she takes and takes and then gives me a glare as if to say 'man, you are so stupid.'
Still, you're observation is right on. I have to go smack my cat from trying to scratch my IKEA lamp!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

As the years roll by, you will be amazed at how much more you understand God and appreciate and love him. I'm convinced he thought up babies and their dependence for this reason.